December House is a different kind of publisher. We don't publish print books, we only publish to e-book distribution platforms (Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook), but we're not self publishing and we're definitely not vanity publishing.

We only publish great writing from great authors. If we think your work has promise we'll tell you and we'll work with you to deliver on that promise, just like a traditional publisher. Then we'll take over everything, from writing a blurb to designing a cover and deciding on a price through to marketing your book pre and post publication. We believe it's our job to sell your book, it's your job to write it.

Why E-books?

The future of publishing is digital. With the sales of e-readers, smart-phones and tablets continuing to increase, more people than ever before are able to read e-books and the numbers will only keep on increasing.

In 2011 e-books accounted for 15% of all US book sales, but in the middle of last year Amazon reported that it was now selling more e-books than paperbacks and hardcovers combined. Traditional publishers have been slow to react, unwilling to change their way of working to reflect the new world and as a result many authors are choosing the route of self-publishing but missing out on the advantages of working with a publisher.

We believe in e-books, but we also believe in publishing. E-books aren't the death of publishers they're a chance to re-invent them, which is exactly what we're doing with December House.

What do you offer?

The traditional publishing experience but with an e-book as the output not a printed book.

What about Pricing?

We believe that just because a book is e-published or from an unknown author it doesn't have to be given away for next to nothing. Whilst low prices may sell a large number of units we believe that it undervalues your work and fails to deliver the largest value of sales.

If something is good and is well promoted then it will sell at an appropriate price. Generally we'll price a work based on its length and taking into account other quality titles in the marketplace.

What about Royalties?

Our royalty structure reflects the digital world. It favours the author, not the publisher.

If we agree to publish your work then you'll sign a contract just as you would with a traditional publisher and we'll collect your sales and pay you royalties once a quarter (not every six or 12 months).

What platforms do you publish to?

At present December House is able to distribute e-books through the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Google Play and iBooks platform.