Sean Craven
Sean Craven
Sean has led what he calls a stereotypical writer's life. A freakishly precocious child raised in the San Francisco Bay Area hippy-era bohemian demi-monde by drunks, he was beaten and alienated in violent inner city schools. But his grandmother's position as head children's librarian gave him full and unlimited access to the full collection of the Richmond Public Library, including atrocity and sex-education photos, from the age of five on. Compulsively creative from the beginning, he didn't receive any artistic training until his mid-twenties, when he studied classical draftsmanship under Maurice Lapp. Since then, he's been a student of everything from botanical illustration to storyboarding to bass guitar.

A manual labourer since age thirteen, in his late thirties a back injury took him out of the work force. Since then, he's been creatively productive in forms and media ranging from animation scripts to performance to gallery art, and this work has appeared everywhere from underground magazines to paleontological databases to the BBC.

He lives in Berkeley, California with his beloved spouse and dogs, in a neighbourhood the news used to refer to as ‘Homicide Central.'

A friend once said, “Sean puts off all these tough guy vibes but he's really a big marshmallow who just wants people to like each other and be polite.” Well, it's hard to argue. That's pretty much how it is.

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Sean's Novels

 - We Are Now - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013
 - Helping Henry (Coming to December House in 2014)


P.T. Dilloway
P.T. Dilloway
P.T. Dilloway has been a writer for most of his life.  He completed his first story in third grade and received an ‘A' for the assignment.  Around that time he also placed in a local writing contest for a television station, receiving an action figure in lieu of a trophy, thus securing his love with the written word. 

Two of P.T.'s novels are already indie published.  "Where You Belong" is the heartwarming story of a man in search of himself and his place in the world.  "Virgin Territory" is a suspenseful tale of a man who finds love from beyond the grave.  He's also indie published a volume of short stories collectively titled "The Carnival Papers".  His superhero novel "A Hero's Journey" is set to be published in the near future.

When not writing, P.T. enjoys reading and photographing Michigan's many lighthouses.  In order to pay the bills, he earned an accounting degree from Saginaw Valley State University in 2000 and for the past ten years has worked as a payroll accountant in Detroit.  He lives in suburban Detroit, where he continues to work on new writing projects.

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P.T.'s Novels

 - We Are Now - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013


J Freese
J Freese
Born in Cardiff, Jo studied for a degree in Plymouth where she settled and now lives with her artist husband, son and dog. As a college lecturer she teaches on a game development course and embraces stories in all their forms.

Jo is an avid game player, reader, writer and lover of Humphrey Bogart movies. Her first novel; a 12 page work, written at the age of nine and entitled “The Wall” was composed on a petite typewriter. Many typewriters later with inspiration from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Herman Hess and Haruki Murakami she finds herself writing works of dark fantasy exploring perceptions of the self, the meaning of identity and astral existence.
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J's Novels

 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013


Daryn Guarino
Daryn Guarino
Daryn Guarino has been self-employed for most of his life. Raised in the middle-class suburbs of Connecticut, he has always been a dichotomy; a nerd-jock, an honors-criminal, an intellectual punk. Comic books sparked his earliest creative interests, role-playing games nurtured them further, and the invention of the home computer sealed his fate to forever remain a basement dweller. He formed his first company at the age of twelve, an ill-fated yardwork and party clown/magician venture.

In high school, he starred in his class play, Grease, earned a varsity letter in football, and founded the Dungeons and Dragons club. His love for computers eventually led to a degree in computer science. After two grueling years of corporate life, Daryn fled back to his first loves...being his own boss and poverty. Instead of working a normal job, he formed and sold various companies; Dominus Software (custom software), The Laughing Ogre (comic book shop), Active Synapse (publishing company), Gnotary (mobile notary), and Zombie-Clean (commercial cleaning). At some point during all that, he got married, had two brilliant sons, got divorced, got slightly arrested a few times, spent too much time and money at the strip club, met the actual love of his life, and tore both of his Achilles tendons. Two things remained constant over those many tumultuous years and careers, his creativity and his love for writing.

He now writes and lives in Columbus Ohio with his two brilliant sons, Connor and Morgan, his lovely and incredibly supportive wife, Elizabeth, and their ferocious protector, Fiona, a Dogo Argentino.

His indie published book, “Prey Until Dawn”, is an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired story of an ancient book of forbidden knowledge and the fate of those who simply must know the dark truths contained within.

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Daryn's Novels

 - Hitter
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013


Jessica Leather
Jess Leather
Jessica Leather was born sometime in the 80s in Guernsey. If you don't know, that's an island in between France and England: yes, they speak English there, yes, they have electricity, and no, they're not all inbred.

Jessica pottered around with stories all through her childhood, but really revved up when she got to her teen years when she started writing a serial for her schoolfriends, a love story that only ended after a heart-rending incident with a floppy disc drive and a pair of tweezers. Since then, she’s spent most of her life thrown head-first into fantasy worlds of her own creation. She mostly writes novels in a variety of genres, from chick-lit to urban fantasy.

When not scribbling furiously or bashing at her computer keyboard, she divides her attention between her other great passions: coffee, food, and heavy metal music (though nowadays she’s only an occasional groupie). Thanks to her degree at Durham University, Jessica can swear in several languages and, on a good day, pass for a French person. She lives in Manchester with her fiancé and a dangerously insane cat, and spends approximately three quarters of her life ranting on Twitter about buses.
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Jess' Novels

 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013


Philip Leslie
Philip Leslie
Philip began writing poems and stories in his teens, inspired initially by Dylan Thomas and Henry Williamson.

At art college in South Wales he was a core member of the creative writing group run by poet in residence Gillian Clarke. Novels followed, and the inevitable rejection letters. In 2001 he won a consolation prize in the Bridport Writing Competition with a short story. The following year this was adapted by a theatre company and given a dozen performances at the Edinburgh Fringe. A full-length novel, ‘The History of Us’, was published by Legend in 2009 and shortlisted in the fiction section of East Anglian Book of the Year.

Philip is also a composer of amateur woodwind music with a number of titles in print. He and his wife live in Cambridgeshire.

Philip's Novels

 - What Remains
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013


Simon Kewin
P.T. Dilloway
Simon was born and raised on the misty Isle of Man, but now lives and works deep in rural England. He divides his time between writing SF/fantasy fiction and computer software. He has had around fifty short stories published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, along with a similar number of poems. He has a degree in English Literature from the Open University.

He is currently learning to play the electric guitar. It's not going that well, frankly.

He lives with Alison, their two daughters Eleanor and Rose, and a black cat called Morgan to which he is allergic.

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Simon's Novels

 - Engn
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013



William Smethurst
William Smethurst
Since starting his career as a BBC journalist William has been an award-winning writer of plays for radio, television, the cinema, and the theatre. In his thirties he was a highly successful editor of the BBC's “The Archers”, and executive producer of serial drama for Central Television. Running his own production company he devised and produced the sci-fi serial drama “Jupiter Moon” which sold to over 20 countries round the world.

He wrote the non-fiction Sunday Times best seller “The Archers - the true story”. His novels include the award-winning satire “Jennifer's Friends”, and the highly-acclaimed sci-fi time shift trilogy of “Sinai”, “Pasiphae”, and “Woken's Eye”.

He and his wife Carolynne spend their summers cruising Europe in their boat, and their winters in Devon.

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William's Novels

 - Sinai
 - Pasiphae Coming oon to December House)
 - Woken's Eye (Coming soon to December House)


Neil Vogler
Neil Vogler
Neil has always loved language. At eighteen he landed a job as a freelance journalist and over three chaotic years reviewed, interviewed and freeloaded his way around the South West's busy nightlife scene. After graduating at the turn of the millennium with a degree in English Literature and Media, he decided journalism wasn't for him and began writing creatively. During his developmental years he wrote television scripts, screenplays, novellas, and radio skits. Neil has had a diverse range of jobs and has at one time or another been a shelf stacker, a performance poet, a barman, a busker, and a hard-bitten wine adviser. A seasoned musician and songwriter, Neil is also a veteran of over six hundred live gigs. He plays the guitar and the Greek bouzouki.

Neil's writing was recognised most recently when one of his short stories was featured on the Literature Development Charity Cyprus Well's inaugural podcast for showcasing the best new writing in the South West Region.

Neil lives in Devon with his wife and child. His debut novel is currently being readied and will be available in 2013.

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Neil's Novels

 - We Are Now - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013
 - Tripler (Coming to December House in 2014)


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