P.T. Dilloway
P.T. Dilloway
P.T. Dilloway has been a writer for most of his life.  He completed his first story in third grade and received an ‘A' for the assignment.  Around that time he also placed in a local writing contest for a television station, receiving an action figure in lieu of a trophy, thus securing his love with the written word. 

Two of P.T.'s novels are already indie published.  "Where You Belong" is the heartwarming story of a man in search of himself and his place in the world.  "Virgin Territory" is a suspenseful tale of a man who finds love from beyond the grave.  He's also indie published a volume of short stories collectively titled "The Carnival Papers".  His superhero novel "A Hero's Journey" is set to be published in the near future.

When not writing, P.T. enjoys reading and photographing Michigan's many lighthouses.  In order to pay the bills, he earned an accounting degree from Saginaw Valley State University in 2000 and for the past ten years has worked as a payroll accountant in Detroit.  He lives in suburban Detroit, where he continues to work on new writing projects.

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P.T.'s Novels

 - We Are Now - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013



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