Neil Vogler
Neil Vogler
Neil has always loved language. At eighteen he landed a job as a freelance journalist and over three chaotic years reviewed, interviewed and freeloaded his way around the South West's busy nightlife scene. After graduating at the turn of the millennium with a degree in English Literature and Media, he decided journalism wasn't for him and began writing creatively. During his developmental years he wrote television scripts, screenplays, novellas, and radio skits. Neil has had a diverse range of jobs and has at one time or another been a shelf stacker, a performance poet, a barman, a busker, and a hard-bitten wine adviser. A seasoned musician and songwriter, Neil is also a veteran of over six hundred live gigs. He plays the guitar and the Greek bouzouki.

Neil's writing was recognised most recently when one of his short stories was featured on the Literature Development Charity Cyprus Well's inaugural podcast for showcasing the best new writing in the South West Region.

Neil lives in Devon with his wife and child. His debut novel is currently being readied and will be available in 2013.

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Neil's Novels

 - We Are Now - Four Weeks of Flash Fiction
 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013
 - Tripler (Coming to December House in 2014)



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