Daryn Guarino
Daryn Guarino
Daryn Guarino has been self-employed for most of his life. Raised in the middle-class suburbs of Connecticut, he has always been a dichotomy; a nerd-jock, an honors-criminal, an intellectual punk. Comic books sparked his earliest creative interests, role-playing games nurtured them further, and the invention of the home computer sealed his fate to forever remain a basement dweller. He formed his first company at the age of twelve, an ill-fated yardwork and party clown/magician venture.

In high school, he starred in his class play, Grease, earned a varsity letter in football, and founded the Dungeons and Dragons club. His love for computers eventually led to a degree in computer science. After two grueling years of corporate life, Daryn fled back to his first loves...being his own boss and poverty. Instead of working a normal job, he formed and sold various companies; Dominus Software (custom software), The Laughing Ogre (comic book shop), Active Synapse (publishing company), Gnotary (mobile notary), and Zombie-Clean (commercial cleaning). At some point during all that, he got married, had two brilliant sons, got divorced, got slightly arrested a few times, spent too much time and money at the strip club, met the actual love of his life, and tore both of his Achilles tendons. Two things remained constant over those many tumultuous years and careers, his creativity and his love for writing.

He now writes and lives in Columbus Ohio with his two brilliant sons, Connor and Morgan, his lovely and incredibly supportive wife, Elizabeth, and their ferocious protector, Fiona, a Dogo Argentino.

His indie published book, “Prey Until Dawn”, is an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired story of an ancient book of forbidden knowledge and the fate of those who simply must know the dark truths contained within.

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Daryn's Novels

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