Jessica Leather
Jess Leather
Jessica Leather was born sometime in the 80s in Guernsey. If you don't know, that's an island in between France and England: yes, they speak English there, yes, they have electricity, and no, they're not all inbred.

Jessica pottered around with stories all through her childhood, but really revved up when she got to her teen years when she started writing a serial for her schoolfriends, a love story that only ended after a heart-rending incident with a floppy disc drive and a pair of tweezers. Since then, she’s spent most of her life thrown head-first into fantasy worlds of her own creation. She mostly writes novels in a variety of genres, from chick-lit to urban fantasy.

When not scribbling furiously or bashing at her computer keyboard, she divides her attention between her other great passions: coffee, food, and heavy metal music (though nowadays she’s only an occasional groupie). Thanks to her degree at Durham University, Jessica can swear in several languages and, on a good day, pass for a French person. She lives in Manchester with her fiancé and a dangerously insane cat, and spends approximately three quarters of her life ranting on Twitter about buses.
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Jess' Novels

 - Deadly Sins - Flash Fiction Fest 2013



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