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Tripler, a Sci-fi Thriller
Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Today we are thrilled to announce the release of a novel that marks the beginning of a unique and thrilling new sci-fi series: Tripler, by Neil Vogler.

Here's the synopsis:

Three versions of the same person all want to kill you...

In the near future an impossible virus is giving people the ability to summon two identical physical copies of themselves into existence at any time and in any situation. They call the infected ‘Triplers’, and sooner or later they all become homicidally insane.

Harry Allwear, an ex-soldier with an impressive kill record, is a key part of an initiative to eradicate the Tripler threat, tracking and eliminating Triplers all across Europe in a series of bloody and chaotic encounters.

But there's one problem: someone's just infected Harry with the contagion. And as a Tripler army rises around him and the entire planet stands on the brink of a destructive new dawn, the most dangerous enemy of all could turn out to be one of Harry's own selves...

Our Managing Editor, Henri Smethurst-McIntyre, called Tripler "as good a thriller as I've ever had the pleasure to read", which gives you some idea of the level of excitement we have for this incredible book!

After publishing thirty of Neil Vogler's amazing short stories over two Flash Fiction Fests, we're delighted to be releasing his debut novel. Neil is a fantastically talented and innovative writer who has created a fast-paced, action-packed novel set inside an immersive sci-fi world, and we think readers are in for a surprising, twist-laden, multi-faceted thrill ride!

Tripler: Book #1 of the Tripler Trilogy is available on all the major e-book platforms including
- Kindle UK
- Kindle US


When You and Me Were Us
Wednesday 3rd September 2014

When You and Me Were Us is our first autumn title. Intelligent Chicklit from the fantastic Amanda Reynolds.

Six friends. Thirty years of shared history. One, final, reunion. But how much do they really know of one another’s lives?

1982: Dylan and his best friend Matty meet Alex and Ginny at university. Dylan, the epicentre of the gang, introduces them to Lois, his power-suited ambitious girlfriend, and socially inept Nick, whom no one is claiming allegiance to. A halcyon year ensues, filled with loves found and lost. Friendships are cemented which should have lasted a lifetime. Then Dylan dies.

Through university, marriages, affairs, parenthood and even death, the friends try to make sense of their lives and their own route to happiness whilst Dylan watches, acerbically commenting on the high and lows of the lives which beat on after his has so inexplicably ended.

When You and Me Were Us is available to pre-order on iBooks and Amazon for the introductory price of just 99p and goes on sale on the 15th of September.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:


An exciting Autumn
Monday 1st September 2014

Now we're into September it's time to start talking about our exciting upcoming release schedule.

Whilst in the past we've dripped books out as and when they've been completed, we took the decision at the beginning of the year to switch over to a slightly more traditional release schedule.

As a result September, October and November are going to be crammed full of new releases from December House. We've got sci-fi, action thrillers, chick lit, literary fiction, and even our first foray into non-fiction.

So keep an eye on our December House Twitter page for all the details.


Introducing Amanda Reynolds, a new December House Author
Friday 13th December 2013

We’re delighted to be able to announce a new signing to December House, Amanda Reynolds.

Amanda began her writing career eight years ago when her daughter asked for a murder mystery party. Unable to find anything suitable in the shops or online, Amanda wrote a murder mystery game suitable for children. Another soon followed, then another, until she had enough to create a business, which now sells games around the world.

Last year Amanda indie published her first novel Walk Away and we’re very excited that she’s chosen December House for her second novel When You & Me Were Us

When You & Me Were Us is high quality, character driven women’s fiction. Amanda really impressed us with her writing and use of voice (no mean feat when the novel is written in first person from 6 different perspectives).

She’s currently working with our editor on polishing her novel, which will be available in May 2014.


Flash Fiction Fest 2013 - A month of deadly sins
Friday 18th October 2013

Flash Fiction Fest 2013 kicks off on the 1st of November (coinciding with NaNoWriMo).

Throughout the month we will be publishing two Flash Fiction stories a day, both here at and over on our Wattpad channel. For you, the reader, that means fresh Flash Fiction every day, for free.And, if you like what you read, then this year you can buy the entire collection as an ebook from day one!

The theme of this year's event is "Deadly Sins", and as well as publishing the works of our own December House authors (Neil Vogler, Sean Craven, P.T. Dilloway, Jessica Leather, Daryn Guarino, Simon Kewin and Philip Leslie) we're also bringing in new talent in the form of our competition winner Joanne Cocksey (Get a sneak peak at her work here.)

To sign up to receive a reminder when Flash Fiction Fest launches, or to read some of last year's work visit


Announcing Hitter, a crime novel with a difference
Friday 2nd August 2013

Engn Small We're very pleased to announce the details of our next release, Daryn Guarino's crime novel Hitter.

Unusually told from the view point of the criminal, Hitter follows one man on his journey from an innocent but troubled childhood through to achieving the ultimate prize, becoming a contract killer. But being a professional killer isn't as glamorous as you might think. It's bloody, violent and it takes its psychological toll.

Hitter is written in the true crime style; first person through the Eyes of the Hitter, allowing Daryn to delve deep inside the mind of a contract killer. He's produced a fantastic, pacey, sometimes witty read, that takes you to places that aren't always pretty, but are always fantastically well written!

Daryn's inspiration for Hitter came when he was visiting old friends in prison. Over many visits he got talking to his friends and their fellow inmates about the perfect crime and how you could get away with them. It's those "crowd-sourced" crimes that form the core of Hitter and make it so realistic.

So on August the 23rd get ready to hold tight and step inside the mind of the Hitter, it's going to be quite a ride!

What people are already saying about Hitter

"This book is vividly brutal in places, but it is also riveting"
"Guarino sends you through a dark, dark world with Hitter. I love books that show me slices of life that I will never see otherwise. I will never be a Hitter, but now I've seen a little of that life."
"An easy-reading narrative, detailing a scarily believable description of a oneway path into the ugly underbelly of crime and the mind of the psychopathic perpetrator. It will leave you wondering."

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Engn launch Tour
Monday 15th July 2013

To celebrate the release of Simon Kewin's fantastic Young Adult adventure / fantasy novel Engn we've sent Simon off on a tour of the internet.

Every day he's stopping at a different blog to be interviewed, write a guest post, or just hang out with the blog's owner.

Monday 15th:
MPax Author discussing Engn as a metaphor

Tuesday 16th:
YA Between the Lines discussing the mash-up nature of Engn

Wednesday 17th:
Sue Howe discussing the inspiration behind Engn

Thursday 18th:
Rhonda Parrish on the unique words created for the Engn universe and story

Friday 19th:
Neil Vogler discussing the genre challenges of Engn

Saturday 20th:
Winged Reviews discussing how Simon conceived the city of Engn

Sunday 21st:
YA Book Seasons discussing the characters of Engn

Monday 22nd:
Interview with Jeff Chapman

Tuesday 23rd:
Musings of a Penniless Writer discussing the publishing process

Wednesday 24th:
Featured in Ellie Garratt's 'Speculative Fiction Writer' spot