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Engn launch Tour
Monday 15th July 2013

To celebrate the release of Simon Kewin's fantastic Young Adult adventure / fantasy novel Engn we've sent Simon off on a tour of the internet.

Every day he's stopping at a different blog to be interviewed, write a guest post, or just hang out with the blog's owner.

Monday 15th:
MPax Author discussing Engn as a metaphor

Tuesday 16th:
YA Between the Lines discussing the mash-up nature of Engn

Wednesday 17th:
Sue Howe discussing the inspiration behind Engn

Thursday 18th:
Rhonda Parrish on the unique words created for the Engn universe and story

Friday 19th:
Neil Vogler discussing the genre challenges of Engn

Saturday 20th:
Winged Reviews discussing how Simon conceived the city of Engn

Sunday 21st:
YA Book Seasons discussing the characters of Engn

Monday 22nd:
Interview with Jeff Chapman

Tuesday 23rd:
Musings of a Penniless Writer discussing the publishing process

Wednesday 24th:
Featured in Ellie Garratt's 'Speculative Fiction Writer' spot


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