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Announcing Hitter, a crime novel with a difference
Friday 2nd August 2013

Engn Small We're very pleased to announce the details of our next release, Daryn Guarino's crime novel Hitter.

Unusually told from the view point of the criminal, Hitter follows one man on his journey from an innocent but troubled childhood through to achieving the ultimate prize, becoming a contract killer. But being a professional killer isn't as glamorous as you might think. It's bloody, violent and it takes its psychological toll.

Hitter is written in the true crime style; first person through the Eyes of the Hitter, allowing Daryn to delve deep inside the mind of a contract killer. He's produced a fantastic, pacey, sometimes witty read, that takes you to places that aren't always pretty, but are always fantastically well written!

Daryn's inspiration for Hitter came when he was visiting old friends in prison. Over many visits he got talking to his friends and their fellow inmates about the perfect crime and how you could get away with them. It's those "crowd-sourced" crimes that form the core of Hitter and make it so realistic.

So on August the 23rd get ready to hold tight and step inside the mind of the Hitter, it's going to be quite a ride!

What people are already saying about Hitter

"This book is vividly brutal in places, but it is also riveting"
"Guarino sends you through a dark, dark world with Hitter. I love books that show me slices of life that I will never see otherwise. I will never be a Hitter, but now I've seen a little of that life."
"An easy-reading narrative, detailing a scarily believable description of a oneway path into the ugly underbelly of crime and the mind of the psychopathic perpetrator. It will leave you wondering."

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