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Flash Fiction Fest 2013 - A month of deadly sins
Friday 18th October 2013

Flash Fiction Fest 2013 kicks off on the 1st of November (coinciding with NaNoWriMo).

Throughout the month we will be publishing two Flash Fiction stories a day, both here at and over on our Wattpad channel. For you, the reader, that means fresh Flash Fiction every day, for free.And, if you like what you read, then this year you can buy the entire collection as an ebook from day one!

The theme of this year's event is "Deadly Sins", and as well as publishing the works of our own December House authors (Neil Vogler, Sean Craven, P.T. Dilloway, Jessica Leather, Daryn Guarino, Simon Kewin and Philip Leslie) we're also bringing in new talent in the form of our competition winner Joanne Cocksey (Get a sneak peak at her work here.)

To sign up to receive a reminder when Flash Fiction Fest launches, or to read some of last year's work visit


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